Dr. Torgom Dashtoyan

Dr. Torgom Dashtoyan - Dentist, implantologist, DMD, Ph.D, Associate Professor of General Dental Practice

Dr. Torgom Dashtoyan graduated from Yerevan State Medical University with degree in dentistry. In 1993, he received a state license and worked as a dentist- orthopedist in the cooperative dental clinic Zhpit.

Dr. Dashtoyan founded dental clinic GDC in 1997, where he currently works as chief physician.  He has been lecturing at the Yerevan State Medical University after Mkhitar Heratsi since 2007 and is an Assistant Professor of general dental practice.

In 2010, he defended a thesis on "Improving the effectiveness of direct endosal implantation after tooth extraction".

Dr. Dashtoyan founded the ARMENIAN DENTISTS UNION (NGO) in 2015 and was elected as President of this organization.