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CHERKEZI DZOR is not an ordinary restaurant - it is one of the beloved places in Gyumri, the second-largest city of Armenia. CHERKEZI DZOR is a fish-farm restaurant, located in a grove which has the same “Cherkezi Dzor” name (“Cherkez” ravine), where traditionally people come with their families for picnic, to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

This is a picturesque place near the Russian historic Red Fortress of Gyumri city, where people feel the power of unique and natural energy, frosty springs, orchards, small lakes and healthy environment.

After a devastating earthquake in 1988, life seemed to have stopped, trees were cut off, garbage was accumulated, and the ravine lost its attractiveness. Fortunately, in 1999, architect Mr. Hmayak Gevorgyan initiated and launched a great project aimed at saving the historic favorite place in Gyumri, the Cherkez ravine, improving it, making it even more interesting and attractive not only for the Gyumri residents, but also for tourists and guests. Mr. Hmayak Gevorgyan improved the whole area of the ravine, built basins, beautiful artificial lakes, a fish farm, a recreational area and a very nice restaurant with unique architectural solutions.

No doubt that the kitchen of CHERKEZI DZOR restaurant is unique and the dishes are exceptionally tasteful and healthy. Almost everything is natural, eco friendly and very tasty. There is a lot to say about the menu and delicious dishes of this restaurant, but it is important to mention some of them.


In the CHERKEZI DZOR restaurant, on the natural flame of the Armenian TONIR and in the traditional oven, healthy loaf and Armenian famous LAVASH are baked from pure light red

wheat of SHIRAK valley. After eating this bread, you will feel better; will not get fat, but vice versa -- the eco friendly bread will enrich your body with healthy elements and energy.


CHERKEZI DZOR fish farm-restaurant menu contains more than 20 different dishes of various types of fish, including tonir-grilled sturgeon, boiled trout, fish soup, fish kebab, pancakes, dumplings, fish-meatballs and so on. There is a great variety of fishes in this restaurant, including: sturgeon, lake SEVAN's trout, Salmo irideus, Salmo trutta lacustris, SPITAKAKHAYT (white trutta), and more. The fish is grown in its own fish farm, in ecologically clean environments, in spring and fresh water.

CHERKEZI DZOR'S fish caviar

CHERKEZI DZOR fish-farm restaurant has it’s own natural, eco friendly and delicious caviar (red, yellow and orange) made from it’s own fish grown in the clean and fresh water. CHERKEZI DZOR caviar, besides the restaurant, is also available in many supermarkets and specialized stores. It is also exported to Russia, Georgia and other some other countries (in near perspective).

Veal, lamb KHASHLAMA, Armenian DOLMA

It is difficult to imagine the Armenian cuisine without DOLMA, KHASHLAMA (special boiled meat) and other traditional dishes. However, it is worth mentioning the exclusive taste of these delicious dishes in CHERKEZI DZOR restaurant.

Other natural and tasty dishes of the Armenian cuisine

Apart from traditional and most popular dishes, the CHERKEZI DZOR restaurant has a great variety of many delicious and healthy salads, side dishes, pilafs, soups, other hot and cold dishes.

Natural Juices, Compotes, Tea and Preserves

CHERKEZI DZOR restaurant offers a wide variety of teas, compotes, juices, jams, dried fruits, honey and sweets made of natural, ecologically clean and healthy herbs and berries collected from the gulf hills and surrounding areas. The list of herbs, fruits and berries includes thyme, mint, sea buckthorn, blackberries, pears, apples, cherries and more.

CHERKEZI DZOR'S beer and fruit distillates

CHERKEZI DZOR restaurant has its own full-fledged brandy beer, for the restaurant visitors and special guests. The cold beer of this restaurant is distinguished by its taste characteristics - summarizing the tranquility of the environment, fresh air and good mood. Visitors can enjoy a variety of delicious and tasty side dishes with beer, especially marinated fish fillets, smoked fish, caviar, fish made special sauce and more.

The restaurant also offers a wide range of drinks, especially fruit distillates of own production, and made of apricot, cornelian cherry, mulberry, pear and other fruits and berries.

Historical overview about the name "CHERKEZI DZOR"

There are two main ideas on the name "CHERKEZI DZOR". According to the first, the name of the ravine is associated with the events that took place during the period of Eastern Armenia becoming a part of the Russian Empire. The North Caucasian peoples living in the Russian Empire, particularly the Cherkezes, tore tents on the way to emigrate to the Ottoman Empire, after which the ravine was called the “Cherkezi Dzor” (Cherkez ravine). According to the other version, one of the two Russian military unites which participated in the Russian-Turkish war of 1826-1829 and consisted of ethnic Cherkezian soldiers, was housed in this area, and therefore the ravine was named CHERKEZI DZOR later.