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  • Yeraz Residential District, Adontsi St. 6/1 building 325
  • Yerevan
  • + (374 12) 333 003

    + (374 41) 333 553

HISTOGEN Armenian-German scientific center of pathology offers a wide range of cytological, histological, immunohistochemical, and molecular examinations.

Founders, managers and the team of HISTOGEN pathology center strictly follow the most important belief that efficient treatment starts with accurate diagnostics.

Thanks to the high professionalism and experience of the whole team of this center, as well as the availability of modern, high quality materials and equipment, HISTOGEN provides accurate, definite pathomorphological diagnostics complaint with contemporary medicine requirements.  

There is no doubt that the laboratories of HISTOGEN pathology center meet international standards, but most importantly the high professionalism and the outstanding teamwork ensures reliable quality of services of this center.  

HISTOGEN pathology center keeps close collaboration, exchange of information and experience with the leading laboratories and medical institutions of Armenia and foreign countries. In addition, HISTOGEN conducts comprehensive scientific research, particularly in morphology and other fields of medical science.   

Main services of HISTOGEN pathology center include:

Histological examination

A wide range of histological and histochemical examinations is applied at Hystogen pathology center. For homogeneous diagnosis, along with ordinary Haematoxylin-eosin dyeing, medication is dyed also in the following manner:

  • PAS
  • Mucicarmine
  • Alcian blue
  • Congo Red
  • Gomori trichrome
  • Giemsa
  • Ziehl-Neelsen
  • Luxol fast blue
  • Grocott Metenamine Silver

Cytological examination

At Hystogen pathology center, the following cytological examinations are performed:

  • Screening for uterine neck cancer and precancerous diseases – PAP test, assessment with Bethesda system
  • Cytological examination of fluids extracted from different body cavities (pleural, pericardial, abdominal, cerebral)
  • Cytological examination of urine by assessment with Paris system
  • Cytological examination of thyroid gland, pancreas, salivary glands, lymph nodes, exertional inocular tumors with fine-needle aspiration cytology (FNAC)
  • Cytological diagnosis of lung neoplasms

Immunohistochemical examination

Immunohistochemical examinations conducted at the Hystogen pathology center include a wide range of antibodies needed for diagnostic and immunophenotyping of tumor and non-tumor disorders of all organs and systems. The laboratory is equipped with high-quality antibodies of about 85 types, manufactured by CellMarque and DAKO companies, detective systems, and other necessary chemicals.

Molecular pathology

At Histogen pathology center, HER2 neu and ALK gene mutations are diagnosed by “in situ” hybridization method.

Gynecological service

At Histogen pathologic center, small, non-invasive, gynecological services are offered, gynecological consultations are provided, PAP-test and cervical smears are organized and prepared on the spot.

Ultrasonographic examination

Histogen pathology center is equipped with contemporary ultrasonic examination device that allows to perform high-quality radiological diagnostic services on the spot, including abdominal cavity, small spine, thyroid gland, breast, and gallbladder examinations. At the center, fine needle aspiration cytology of the thyroid gland, lymph nodes, salivary gland and superficial tumors is also conducted under ultrasonic control.