Aghabekyan Diagnostic Clinic

  • Azatutyan Avenue 1/24
  • Yerevan
  • + (374 10) 25-59-28
    + (374 10) 57-59-28
    + (374 93) 42-50-85 

Aghabekyan Diagnostic Clinic was founded in 2008, byArmenian leading radiologists and medical doctors Gegham and RuzanAghabekyans,having more than 30 years of professional experience.  

Motto of this highly popular clinic is “professionalism and decency” 

Major services include: 

1-Ultrasound examination 

-abdominal ultrasound 

-pelvic ultrasound 

-head and neck ultrasound 

-scrotum ultrasound 

-ultrasound of penis 

-breast ultrasound 

-ultrasound of the musculoskeletalsystem 

-transrectal ultrasound 

-transvaginal ultrasound 

-small part ultrasound 

-ultrasound elastography (strain, shear wave) 

Vascular Ultrasound/ duplex, doppler/ examination 

-Peripheral Arteries ( arms and legs ) 

-Abdominal vessels 

-extracranial vessels 

-intracranial vessels 

-penial vessels 

-ankle-brachial index determination 

Cardiac examination 



-treadmill test 

Angiologist consultation 

Cardiologist consultation  

Endocrinologist consultation 

Oncologist consultation 

Gastroenterologist consultation 

Laboratory analysis 

-urine and blood sample 

urine and blood biochemical analysis 

-blood coagulation tests 

-severe fase proteins 


-tumor markers 

-screening tests 

-agglutination tests 

-anti-phosfolipid screen 


FNA- fine needle aspiration under ultrasound control