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Armenia is considered an open-air museum under the sky. In this ancient country there are thousands of ancient and modern attractions, all unique and extremely interesting.

In modern Armenia, tourism is developing quite intensively and there are many tour operators that offer various interesting and attractive tours in Armenia.

But among the many tour programs, there is one company, the ARMENIAN HELICOPTERS that offers unique helicopter tours throughout Armenia and the region.

On modern, comfortable helicopters, you can see Armenia, such as you have never seen before. You will see fantastic landscapes, beautiful mountains, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, forests and of course numerous monuments, churches, cities and villages of this fabulous country. Moreover, you can combine a helicopter tour with a walking tour or a visit to one or other places of interest, such as a winery, a fortress or something else.

The ARMENIAN HELICOPTERS is offering various pre-designed fly-tours and also customized tours over the sights of Armenia and the region.

Some of the above mentioned routes and flights are presented below:

Route N1 - Fly Excursion around Yerevan. Duration: 15 minutes.

Route N2 - ZVARTNOTS airport, Byurakan, Amberd, Tegher, St. Khach, Saghmosavank, Ohanavank, Zvartnots. Duration: 30 minutes.

Route N3 - Zvartnots, Geghard, Garni, Symphony of stones, Azat reservoir, Zvartnots. Duration: 30 minutes.

Route N4 - Zvartnots, Ohanavank, Saghmosavank, St. Khach, Tsaghkadzor Kecharis, Lake Sevan, Geghard, Garni, Symphony of stones, Azat reservoir, Zvartnots. Duration: 60 minutes.

Route N5 - Zvartnots, Azat reservoir, Urtsadzor, Areni, Noravank, Khor Virap, Zvartnots. Duration: 90 minutes.

Route N6 - Zvartnots, St. Hripsime Church, Karas winery / Voskevaz winery, Zvartnots. Duration: 100 minutes (1 hour walking tour in winery).

Route N7 - Zvartnots, Lake SEVAN, Sevanavank, Noratus, Yerevan, Zvartnots. Duration: 60 minutes, + 60 minutes in Tufenkian hotel@120 minutes.

Route N8 - Zvartnots, Areni, Noravank, Sisian, Tatev, Jermuk, Zvartnots, Duration: 130 minutes.

Domestic flights - Yerevan - Meghri (01:15); Yerevan - Jermuk (00:40); Yerevan - Gyumri (00:35); Yerevan - Sevan (00:25); Yerevan - Dilijan (00:35).

International flights - Yerevan - Sochi (2:45); Yerevan - Vladikavkaz (1:45); Yerevan - Kars (00:40); Yerevan - Agri (00:45); Yerevan - Van (01:00); Yerevan - Tbilisi (01:00).