HOVER boutique hotel & restaurant


HOVER boutique hotel & restaurant is one of the best hotels in Dilijan, Armenia. Not only in Dilijan, but throughout Armenia, this brand-new hotel stands out clearly for its exceptionally interesting design, comfortable rooms, fabulous views of mountainous forests, excellent service and diverse, very tasty dishes of its restaurant NARE. The hotel has 8 beautiful and very comfortable rooms, including a large family room. The HOVER boutique hotel & restaurant is an ideal place for family holidays, corporate events, or just relaxing with friends.

The NARE restaurant has a wide variety of Armenian and international dishes, but it is especially famous for its natural, homemade sausages. In addition, here you can try Italian pizza, Pesto Penne with a unique and delicate taste, Chateubrind Steak, French style veal Fillet, and, of course the famous Armenian summer TOLMA (DOLMA), Veal in crockpot, HARISA, Dolma in grape leaves, Trout from Chef, Dilijan Crockpot (lamb), lamb shoulder with spelt wheat, and other delicious food. Here you will also find a very wide range of different drinks, including the famous Armenian brandy, wines, beer, and local fruit distillates.