• 8 Building Davit Anhaghti Str.
  • + (374 11) 99-99-96
  • 10 a.m. - 7 p.m.

PROF AL HОME is the new modern Showroom of the PROFAL Company that meets the highest European standards of quality, comfort and convenience. Here visitors can examine the various goods related to home or buildings, receive full technical and other information from qualified staff of the company, and immediately resolve the issues of purchase, delivery and installation. There is no doubt that this Showroom is a unique modern place in Armenia and the region.

PROFAL is one of the best companies in Armenia, which has a wide range of products and services related to home, building, construction, architecture and design, as well as production, import, and whole sale of various building materials, furniture, equipment, structures and much more.

The main activities, products and services of the company are provided below:

Production in Armenia

  • Aluminum constructions
  • Glass constructions
  • Metal-plastic constructions
  • Furniture
  • Glass processing
  • Art glass
  • Gates
  • Power coating
  • Blinds
  • Aluminum composite panels
  • Metal constructions
  • Irrigation & Landscaping

Import and sale

  • Aluminum and metal profiles.
  • Accessories, including: Glass Structures, Aluminum Structures, Wooden door handles (Handles, Long handles, Round handles) and Rubber bands.
  • Furniture, including: Chairs, Armchairs, Sofas, Swayer Chairs, Tables and Hangers.
  • Roof windows, including: Staircase, Windows and Balcony windows.
  • Roof, including: Tiles and Accessories.
  • Floor coverings, including: Vinyl covers, Natural Materials and Carpets.
  • Wooden doors.
  • Chemical aids.
  • POTS AND PLANTS, including: Vases, Decors, Hangers and Showers.
  • Indoor & Outdoor Plants.
  • Decorative wallpapers.
  • Electrical equipment.

Architecture and design

Architecture and design of buildings, Interior/exterior design, and landscape design

Ornamental plants and design

Other products and services

PROFAL has been offering consumers a range of high-quality services and products in the Armenian market since 2002. Since its founding, the company has had only one production unit, but thanks to the dedicated and honest work, over the years the company managed to develop its profile and today ROFAL has more than 10 production units, which are improving their production capacity from day to day.

Cooperating with more than 50 world-famous international companies and constantly expanding its partnerships, the company develops and increases its production capacity.

PROF AL HОME is a perfect place for people who value quality, convenience and beauty. And this place is for those who value their time.