Land for sale near Yerevan, ARMENIA - investment opportunity

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Land for sale near Yerevan, ARMENIA!

Great view on Holy Mount Ararat and Yerevan!

Distance from Yerevan: ~9 km

Total area: ~7.5 hectares (74,767 sq. m.)

Price: USD 154,000

A 74,767 sq.m. land segment (Land) within 9 km from Yerevan is on sale now! The Land is 3 km far from Yerevan-Ashtarak highway, one of Armenia’s major international highways. This highway connects Yerevan, the Capital of Armenia with other big cities, as well as with Tbilisi, the Capital of Georgia.

Major part of the Land area is flat. It Land has a great view on Holy Mount Ararat.

The Land is a private property. All legal documents are available.

This land is classified as agricultural and can be used for any agricultural or related activities, including agro tourism, tent city or leisure zone without any additional permission or charge. It can also be a great orchard (of apricot, peach, apple, quince, grapes etc.), greenhouse or a farm.

Permission for heavy construction on this Land, including Land’s usage purpose change, can be gained through an application to the corresponding government bodies and paying fees for land’s category change.

The area can be used for a variety of other purposes, including:

  1. As an excellent investment, as this Land has great potential for price increase. At a distance of 9 km, prices are 100-1000 times higher in Yerevan, and this huge price difference will gradually decrease, mainly due to the increase in Land prices.
  1. For intensive farming, cultivation / production of high-value crops and other natural products, in particular asparagus (Aspáragus / Asparagus), leeks (Alllum porrum L.), sweet corn, etc.
  1. Construction of a large livestock farm for highly productive livestock breeding, including rabbit breeding, breeding of turkeys, ostriches, chinchillas, etc..
  1. The Land is very suitable for organic farming, as for many years almost no chemical fertilizers or pesticides have been used here and the adjacent areas, and there is no production or harmful substances in the area, which can greatly facilitate the process of organic certification.
  1. For traditional agricultural purposes, to plant walnut, apple, apricot, vineyard or other orchards, or to create a greenhouse, for droughts, vegetable crops, corn or other purposes.
  1. To establish an ordinary livestock complex, as it is already sown on about 6 hectares, alfalfa is grown as fodder. By the way, the cultivation of alfalfa can be continued separately for the purpose of sale, but other programs will be implemented in parallel.
  1. It is a very convenient place to build a winery or cannery.
  1. It is a great place for a recreation area and a large complex of hospitality, as the area is not polluted, there are no facilities, it can be said that the area is in a "virgin" area, although it is so close to Yerevan.
  1. To build a large solar power plant.
  1. After obtaining the relevant permits, the area can also be used for urban development as a new residential district.
  1. For agritourism and adventure tourism.
  1. For equestrian tourism and other purposes.

Communication and Utilities

There is a country road (no asphalt) to the Land from the highway. This 3 km road now is in a poor condition, but still functioning. Most probably it will be repaired by the Government in the near future to insure bypassing roads for the Capital Yerevan and communication between the communities. Moreover, the Armenian Government is currently implementing North-South Road Pass Investment Project to bring the roads of Armenia to European standards. The project is financed in cooperation with Asian Development Bank. The purpose of the project is to reconstruct the Meghri-Yerevan-Bavra road which crosses the country from North to South connecting Georgia to Iran via Armenia. And this is exactly the same road which is in 3 km distance from the Land. Also there is a railway station in 5 km from this piece of Land.

A channel of irrigation water crosses near by, and irrigation water is available for the whole land area.

A drinking water pipe can be installed from a water pipe which is near the highway.

There is an electricity line crossing the Land’s upper border. An application shall be submitted to the electricity distribution company to gain permission and set electrical transformer for supplying electricity.

TV, mobile telephone and high speed wireless Internet are available in this area.

Adjacent և nearby structures and developments

About 3 km away is the factory of ARMENIA WINE Company, which is one of the most modern factories in Armenia - the largest exporter of Armenian wines and winner of many international awards. The company also produces high quality brandy and vodka. This giant factory was built in 2008. It is one of the largest and most successful investment projects in independent Armenia.

Another state-of-the-art investment project has been implemented on an area of more than 60 hectares, almost 1 km away, near the land, where the best world-class agricultural technologies are used, including drip irrigation, hail protection nets, automated management systems, energy saving methods and environment protection technologies. This wonderful and successful investment project has been implemented by one of the largest investment and charitable families in Armenia, who have made a huge contribution also in the fields of IT, hospitality industry, financial sector, as well as charity.

About 3 km away is another winery, VAN ARDI Company, which is also known for its quality wines.

Near the land, about 300 meters away, there is a summer house area, where it is estimated that there are more than 400 small summer houses, 500-1000 square meters in size. The construction of several houses has already been completed: The houses are inhabited, but most of the construction is unfinished or has not started. The existence of this small community here is a precondition that the infrastructure in this sector will be developed in the coming years through the joint efforts of the state, local authorities, neighboring businesses and community members.

Principal advantages:

  • Exceptional investment opportunity for capitalization and super profit for the foreseeable future.
  • Location: very close to Yerevan, meanwhile in a clean area.
  • Quality of soil, fertility and the possibility of organic production.
  • Panorama: great View on Holy Mount Ararat.
  • Price: low price in comparison to the lands near the highway (3 km) and in Yerevan (9 km).

Prices near highway: 25 - 50 USD per 1 sq.m.

Prices in Yerevan: 200-2000 USD per 1 sq.m.

Price for the target Land on sale ~ 2 USD!!!

Price of the target Land is about 100 times less than the minimal prices in Yerevan, only 9 km far. Such a big gap cannot sustain long time because the lands in Capital Yerevan and nearby are limited and major urban development is oriented to these areas. Therefore, the current low price can grow rapidly here. And finally a sharp growth of prices is expected here because of current low start base. No doubt that this particular investment opportunity is a golden chance to gain super profit in a short time.

After the pandemic, a new situation has arisen in the world, when people strive to live outside densely populated cities, to have their own house or land plot in pure nature. Businesses have also become more interested in owning their own land for agricultural production, food production, and other purposes, as structural changes in the global economy have caused almost all sectors to decline, but food production has become more important and required. All this has already caused an increase in demand for agricultural land in the world, but this growth will grow more and more.

Principal disadvantages:

Main disadvantage is current poor condition of the 3 km road connecting the Land to the highway. However, this temporary disadvantage may eventually turn into an advantage when the road is repaired and a very nice, quiet place is discovered almost in Yerevan, but in a clean zone with a great panorama.

Catch the moment and take this opportunity!

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