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Khoren Abrahamyan continues to be a role model

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Today marks the memorial day of prominent Armenian actor Khoren Abrahamyan. On this very day 12 years ago the famous actor passed away, however his voice and acting both in cinema and theatre is not possible to forget.


“Khoren Abrahamyan is one of the most professional artists of the modern period, if not the most professional. Even today_ in the 21th century_ he continues to be a role model. He was a well-educated person, knew many works by heart; he was an intellectual actor,” theater critic Ara Khzmalyan told talking about Khoren Abrahamyan.

He is convinced that his roles played in the theatre and cinema can become master classes for the younger generation. “We talk too much nowadays. The plays of our actors lack a structure or a basic idea. Khoren Abrahamyan has undergone a psychological school and Armen Gulakyan had been his teacher. He knew very well of the psychological tricks on the stage and the psychological peculiarities of a role. He mastered all the skills very well. And today our young men can watch to learn how to do well worked out actions with professional prudence. In this sense Khoren Abrahamyan’s acting can be considered a standard.

In addition to this his reading of Hamlet continues to be a model as well.

Khoren Abrahamyan used to speak about his former teachers. This means he was a thankful person. He did not appear in the theatre from nowhere, he had a history, developed standards and theatrical tradition on this background. And he carried on that tradition meanwhile modernizing and improving it.

A. Khzmalyan noted that Khoren Abrahamyan was a controversial person and it is difficult to make unanimous claims when talking about him. He made mistakes and failures in his life but through the course of time all the events of his life that received negative responses are eventually forgotten and we are only left with his acting in “Saroyan Brothers” and his reading of Hamlet_ only his characters matter now.”
In the words of the theater critic, Khoren Abrahamyan took with his some values and standards that are unfortunately forgotten in our times. “Of course the Armenian theatre suffered a great loss after the death of such prominent actors, as that standards and mentality are needed greatly.”

RA Honored Art Worker Yervand Manaryan told that he and Abrahamyan were students at the same period.

“We have always stayed very good friends with each other. I know all his works very well and I think that he is one of the most prominent figures of our theatre,” Y. Manaryan said.
Khoren Abrahamyan was born on April 1, in 1930. He studied at the Yerevan Institute of Theater and Fine Arts and graduated in 1951. Since 1951 worked at Sundukyan State Academic Theatre of Yerevan as actor.

Some movies by Abrahamyan are Saroyan brothers as Gevorg Abrahamyan, Lord as Rostom, We and Our Mountains as Pavle, The Chronicle of Yerevan Days, Travail as Myasnikyan, Hope Star as The Avedis and Live Long as Sisakyan.
He was the executive director of the Sundukyan Drama Theater until his death on December 10, 2004.

“There is one law that must never be violated_ the truth. If it is not true nothing can save it. There is nothing worse than a plausible lie which is quite common today. The utmost truth is when the art serves and reveals it. A saying goes “do not act”. It refers to the bad acting, the good acting is not called “acting”. And I am sure that the good acting will be there as there is no life without the theatre. I want to make a confession_ there is one place where I will never tell a lie even at the cost is my life: it is the theatre,” Khoren Abrahamyan said.