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Avo Kaprealian’s film “Houses without Doors” wins award at Torino Film Festival

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Aleppo-Armenian filmmaker Avo Kaprealian’s film “Houses without Doors” has won the Best International Documentary award at 34th Torino International Film Festival. Gandzasar reports about this.

The jury of the film festival named the documentary film the best especially because of the fact that the director has managed to shoot the film footages from the balcony of his house in the wartime to show the tragedy of the war and to underscore that the Armenian and Arab population in Syria equally suffer as a result of the barbaric activities.

Avo Kaprealian has dedicated his film To Aleppo noting that “Aleppo is being destroyed in the arms of its mother Syria”. He has also added the award just bring the Armenian nation one step closer to the truth for which they have been fighting to be recognized for 100 years already.

“Armenians often stress that they must not be subjected to a second genocide, however genocidal activities are carried out not only against the Syrian population, but also against the people living in Iraq and Palestine,” A. Kaprealian noted.

Notably Avo Kaprealian’s film “Houses without Doors” has already been screened within Berlin International Film Festival and One World Film Festival held in Prague. The film shows the life of an Armenian family that has fled to Beirut during clashes in New Village district of Aleppo in 2015. The author has shot the destructions in the district and the civilians who face hardships. He draws parallels between the sufferings of the Syrian residents and the Armenian Genocide in a unique way.

Avo Kaprealian was born in 1986 in Aleppo and is from a Syrian-Armenian family. He left his hometown to study theater at the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Damascus where he graduated in 2011. He took part in several film workshops organized by DocMed, Bidayyat for Audiovisual Arts and Screen Beirut on the development of film ideas. After returning to Aleppo, to Aleppo, he started teaching at the Akkad Institute of Theatre and Arts.