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The ULTRA-DENT dental clinic has been founded in 2003 for discerning people with special requirements to quality, comfort and service that value their individuality, beauty and health! In our clinic you will forget about the usual fears of visiting a dentist, and feel the care and comfort. To ensure high-quality treatment we have selected the most up-to-date equipment and materials of leading Western manufacturers - in fact, for each patient, the most important is who heals, how and what it is treated for.


  • all types of services - from prevention to surgery
  • individual approach to the treatment of each patient
  • quality and sterility
  • equipment and materials of recent generations

The specialists of the clinic offer complex dental rehabilitation. Treatment of complex clinical cases is possible only with a single agreed and thoughtful treatment plan, which may include therapy, surgery, prosthetics, orthodontics and implantation. The ULTRA-DENT clinic is able to coordinate and conduct similar treatment. The clinic has an excellent technological base and highly qualified specialists-therapists, surgeons, prosthodontics, orthodontists and implantologists. The basis of the clinic is professional doctors of the highest class, with many years of practical experience, internships in the best clinics and universities in Europe and the CIS. Many of them combine practice with teaching, have academic degrees and scientific papers.

Since 2003, the clinic has been cooperating with many diplomatic representatives in Armenia, including the US Embassy and is on the recommendation list of its medical providers. The clinic also cooperates with local and international insurance companies.

Major areas of specialization and services include:

  • Aesthetic dentistry - veneers, full-ceramic and zirconium crowns and bridges
  • Full range of implantology services- navigation (3D) implantology, a wide choice of implants, restoration of bone and soft tissues
  • One-day dentistry-system CEREC Premium
  • Prothodontic dentistry - metal-ceramic, zircon ceramic crowns and removable dentures
  • Complex implant prosthetics
  • Therapeutic dentistry - aesthetic restorations and endodontics
  • Orthodontics and pediatric dentistry-children's and adult orthodontics, prevention and dental treatment of children
  • Oral surgery - surgical assistance from tooth extraction to small surgical operations
  • Hygiene and periodontics


The ULTRA-DENT dental clinic has got 5 dental units in separate rooms and is equipped with the latest diagnostic and treatment equipment produced by famous American, European and Japanese companies. The daily work is based on digital technologies.

Complex computer system CEREC Premium is one of the modern innovative dentist assistants. The system is developed in Germany and is produced by the German company SIRONA Dental Systems that is one of the world leaders in the production of dental equipment. The system includes: intraoral scanning device; a personal computer for receiving and processing images; milling module for grinding dental restorations.

When using CEREC the process of making crowns and restoration elements is reduced to a few comfortable manipulations for the doctor and patient, which occupy a minimum of time. The damage to the tooth is determined by the means of a scanning device. It is a compact hand-held optical video camera that transmits information to a computer. A 3D model of the tooth with all its defects is projected onto the monitor. According to this model the doctor constructs tooth restoration with high accuracy; the computer creates images of crowns and bridges. At the end of the process the milling module comes into operation. With the help of diamond mills the machine heats the restoration element or crown from the ceramic billet. The created element is completely ready for fitting and fixation in the oral cavity.

The advantages of CEREC are: prosthetics for one two-hour session instead of three five visits to the doctor; absence of an uncomfortable stage of taking impression, which is especially important for patients suffering from increased emetic reflex; no need to do temporary seals or crowns; the probability of inflammatory reactions is almost zero; ideal fitting of the restoration to the tooth and its high tightness; accurate reproduction of the ratio of jaws, which allows to avoid overloading of temporomandibular joints; high-quality and high-tech porcelain for the manufacture of crowns, the properties as close as possible to tooth enamel; a wide range of shades allowing to create restorations practically indistinguishable from the natural teeth of the patient.

CEREC is a modern dental solution focused on meeting individual needs and providing complete comfort to patients.

  • 3D implant planning through Implantmed3D (Germany)

Currently the most informative method for examining patients is computed tomography. This method allows the doctor to make a complete picture of the structure and density of bone tissue and features of the anatomy of the jaws. During the examination the doctor receives accurate data on the distance to the anatomical formations (maxillary sinus, mandibular canal, etc.).

However, a full diagnosis is not a guarantee of successful treatment. Equally important is the use of high-precision and modern planning methods.

The method of dental implantation with using digital navigation technology involves virtual planning, which will allow the implants to be installed properly. After coordination of the compiled virtual plan with the attending physician and patient with the help of special equipment the navigation model is made. This model fully corresponds to the operation area and allows to transfer the exact position of the implant during installation. The risk of incorrect positioning of the implant is excluded and reduces the chance of complications.

  • Only high-quality implants from leading manufacturers are used in the clinic. The ULTRA-DENT installs implants Nobel, Euroteknika, Dentium, AlphaBio.

Successful and long-term service of dental implants depends primarily on the examination of the patient and the proper planning of further actions. The use of different implant systems provides an individual approach to each patient primarily from medical indications, as well as from financial opportunities. The equipment of the implant department provides a full range of implantological services, including restoration of bone and soft tissues in the most neglected cases.

  • Digital camera-microscope Ekler Elio (France). It allows to zoom the picture of the operating field up to 60 times with the display of the image on the monitor, providing the dentist with the smallest details, it has also photography and video shooting functions.
  • Vector Paro

In addition to the standard ultrasonic scalers "Suprason P Max Satelec" (France), Air Flow and laser therapy, we use the Vector system for oral hygiene. The Vector Paro system is the invention of the leader of the world dental market - the German company Durr Dental. The Vector apparat makes it possible to treat periodontitis, gingivitis, remove tooth tartar and polish the surface of the teeth without causing pain to the patient. With Vector Paro the effectiveness of treatment of gum disease and the removal of dental plaque increases several times. A positive result can be seen in a few days. The procedure for healing the gums by the Vector system lasts from one to two hours and it is like an ordinary visit to the dentist. The treatment of each tooth is carried out with the help of special attachments. The device allows working on the entire surface of the teeth, including hard-to-reach places. Anesthesia during treatment is required only in the most extreme cases. Vector is an ultrasonic device that performs treatment and cleaning in a non-contact way. In the process waves are directed parallel to the surface being treated without vibration. Vector does this in a gentle way, but in a very effective mode. As a result toxic biofilm, specific bacteria that dissolve bone tissues are completely removed. The polishing suspension used during the procedure contains micro particles of hydroxyapatite calcium, which reduce the sensitivity of the enamel. Use of the device leads to strengthening of the gum tissue, reduces the deposition of tartar and looseness, which prevents premature loss of teeth.

Benefits of the system:

  • cleansing of the tooth root to the base, the possibility to reach to the most inaccessible places
  • elimination of damage to the surface of the root and soft tissues
  • no need to take painkillers after the procedure
  • rapid recovery after treatment
  • The computer radiovisiography from "Shick Technologies" (USA) characterized by high quality and speed of operation. Features of the software allow increasing the image several times, coloring, changing the contrast, going from negative to positive, measure and record, send by e-mail, etc. All the images taken remain in the computer memory and do not be lost by the time. Our computer archive stores have got the information about our patients since 1997.
  • Sterilization

Sterilization is the basis of any medical institution. The sterilization service of ULTRA-DENT clinic is equipped with 3 autoclaves of the company MELAG (Germany), washer disinfector MELAG, ultrasonic bath "Pro-Sonic Sultan" (America), packing machine "Euroseal-2010" (Italy) and others. The presence of three autoclaves with different functions ensures high-quality and rapid sterilization. In all these devices the sterilization is carried out in stages with simultaneous use of various methods, which gives a guaranteed qualitative result. Packaging of sterile tools in bags and their storage in special ultraviolet shelves provides them with sterility up to 1 month. All working and contact surfaces of clinical rooms are chemically processed after and before each patient.

The listed is only a small part of the list of equipment of the clinic, by which the clinic is rightfully proud of, because the guarantee of the health of patients is the skill of the clinic specialists and its equipment also, which is constantly being updated, thus the ULTRA-DENT clinic makes the acquaintance of patients painless, pleasant in all respects and, of course, durable. Be healthy and have beautiful smiles!!!