Dental clinic ALFASTOM was created in 2002. The main purpose of its creation was intention of organization of multidisciplinary dental service, considering contemporary trends. 

The clinic is equipped with advanced technology and equipment, although we’re proponents of concept, that efficient treatment – it is the achievement of competent specialist and not used technique. 

Doctors actively participate in various international advanced qualification courses and trainings, so that today there are a number of exclusive methods of diagnosis and treatment in the arsenal of clinic, including methods based on our own developments. 

Neuromuscular dentistry

Neuromuscular dentistry is a dental treatment philosophy intended to correct a “malalignment”of the jaw at the temporomandibular joint and produce a balanced bite. The neuromuscular dentist uses several computerized instruments to measure your jaw movements and jaw muscle activity to determine the extent of your problem and to establish a “physiologic rest position” for the jaw. Here are some of the measurement techniques and procedures used:

· Sonography – measures vibrations from the joint when you open and close your mouth to identify joint derangements.

· Electromyography (EMG) – involves placing surface electrodes over the jaw muscles that pick up electrical impulses and send them to the recording instrument. It is used to measure the activity in the muscles during various movements.

· Jaw Tracking (Electrognathograph, Kinesiography) – analyzes mandibular movements three dimensionally. A headset is placed on the patient and a magnet is attached to the lower front teeth. Recording of the lower jaw movement is then made.

· TENS – ultra-low frequency electrical stimulation of the muscles to relieve muscle spasms and pain and help establish a “physiologic” jaw position.

The evolution and improvement of instrumentation for the neuromuscular dentist has continued through a succession of models. Today’s J5 Myomonitor TENS Unit and K7 Evaluation System incorporate the very latest in technology, providing dentists with more information than ever to aid in their diagnosis and treatment of occlusal irregularities.

Implantology, DDS-Pro

Why take days to produce a dental drill guide when it could take just hours. DDS-Pro is a powerful new software solution that digitises the traditionally labour-intensive task of crafting a surgical guide. High-quality templates can be produced in a fraction of the time, and for a vastly lower cost.

DDS-Pro software is dedicated to support diagnostic of dental implantation procedure and stomatognathic surgery is intended for professional use.

Dental drill guides improve implant surgery accuracy and speed, and they reduce the risk of patient discomfort. They help dentists with less implant experience to achieve better results with more confidence, and patients are assured of the best in dental care.


Periodontology is the study of the specialised system of hard and soft tissues that supports your teeth and maintains their position in the jaw.

In many ways, the mouth can be seen as a mirror of the general condition of your body. In particular, our periodontal status can often tell us more than simply what is happening locally in our gums. Although periodontitis is always triggered by plaque accumulation on the teeth, diseases affecting the rest of the body, known as systemic diseases, can weaken the supporting structures of the teeth.

Periodontitis is often known as 'Gum Disease' and is a very common condition in which the gums and deeper periodontal structures become inflamed. This inflammation of the gums, which usually takes the form of redness, swelling and a tendency to bleed during tooth brushing, is the body’s response to certain bacteria that have been allowed to accumulate on the teeth.

Dolphin Imaging in Orthodontics

The Treatment Simulation software module allows to plan, diagnose, and present cases from the lateral view. Multidisciplinary VTO Wizards include step-by-step interactive programs for quick and easy analyses and treatment planning. It’s the perfect tool for interdisciplinary clinicians to visualize outcome and work in concert. Dolphin Treatment Simulation can be used for both orthodontic and surgery cases.

Ceph Tracing allows you to analyze cephalometric radiographs and create progress superimpositions quickly and accurately. Utilized by thousands of private practices throughout the world and most orthodontic and oral surgery training programs in North America, Dolphin Ceph Tracing dramatically reduces the tedious and time-consuming task of cephalometric tracing.



Technological advances have allowed state of the art dentistry to become more efficient, less cumbersome, more affordable and safer for our patients. Alfastom Dental Clinic uses the latest technologies to help build personal treatment plans for all our patients. Some of these include

Digital X-Rays: Owandy dental imaging systems&software. The clinic uses the most current system of digital x-rays available on the market. This system is designed and made in France and allows our patients to have their dental x-rays taken and viewed in seconds. The dosage of x-rays is considerably lower than traditional x-ray systems so our patients can rest assured that they are not only receiving the best in imaging, but also in the safest form possible. Being digital the radio-graphs are easily transferred to specialists for further treatment via e-mail.


The clinic follows international best practice procedures in sterilization of our instruments in order to ensure the complete safety of patients. Through the use of German engineered and manufactured autoclaves, ultrasonic cleaners, market leading instrument soaks and disinfectants, and a systematic method of logging sterilization cycles, ALFASTOM is able to provide patients the utmost peace of mind in the sterility of the instruments used.

Intraoral Camera

This is tiny camera that gives our Dentists a virtual tour of the inside of your mouth. It is used to help diagnose and document different conditions inside the mouth. The intra-oral camera gives you a live view of your teeth enabling you to see what the dentist is looking at. Existing problems can be visually presented to you allowing more patient involvement and the benefits or improved aesthtics afterwards can be readily viewed.

Rotary Endodontics and Apex Locator

The latest root canal treatment equipment is utilised incorporating a dental motor and nickel titanium rotary files (K3 and Protaper systems) allowing for improved efficiency and success of what is a very intricate procedure. An apex locator is a piece of equipment that allows the most accurate tooth measurements to be recorded, better than any other conventional method. Using the latest technology with the appropriate time and skill ALFASTOM will give your tooth the best chance of surviving for many years to come.


Air-Flow system is ideal for hygienists. By using a jet formed of a mixture of air, powder and water, the Air-Flow removes dental plaque, soft deposits and surface stains from pits, grooves, interproximal spaces and smooth surfaces of the teeth without harming tooth enamel. The Air-Flow can be used in the Orthodontics dental by cleaning brackets and band.

Teeth whitening, also known as Dental bleaching, is a common procedure in general dentistry but most especially in the field of cosmetic dentistry. As dental care professionals, we’ve searched for the best tooth whitening technique, one that gives great results and doesn’t harm your teeth. In Beyond Tooth Whitening, we’ve found that.


Diagnostics by means of articulator is used in the process of initial examination of a patient and at the treatment stages (during orthodontic care, prosthesis, restorations).
Articulator is a device reflecting the lower jaw movements.