N1 Guide to Armenia

Tavern / Pandok Yerevan - Teryan branch


The cuisine of a region is part of its larger culture and an evidence of the preferences that evolve with time due to contacts and historical developments. Being a unique part of the national identity the cuisine also experiences different influences and cannot be restricted by the traditions of one culture or one nation. Probably this is why since Tavern Yerevan’s foundation we tried to combine the best traditions of Armenian and Caucasian cuisines in our restaurant. Many of the Caucasian dishes have been accepted by Armenians with time and have become an integral part of the Armenian menu. Since, the very beginning our mission was to offer our customers dishes that are palatable for our customer from both culinary and cultural perspective, but are also slightly different. This is, though, only part of our comprehensive approach. At Tavern Yerevan we use the highest quality fresh products supplied by our partner farmers and producers. We are extremely consistent in ensuring highest professionalism and service quality of our serving staff.

With regards to pork our restaurant is also very selective. We only serve the meat of female pigs that are up to 30 kilos and are kept in pens with special conditions. These criteria are essential as they result in softer and tenderer meat qualities with no odor specific to pigs and with a balance between meat and fat, a feature which is highly valued by cooks in regards to pork.

I would like to believe that thanks to this approach Tavern Yerevan has become the embodiment of delicious food and a pleasant environment for many of our customers. Quoting one of our customers, “We feel at home here, as this is a place with an easy environment where fresh and tasty food is always in supply”.