Sedrak Mamulyan


Chef Sedrak Mamulyan - one of the most famous chefs of Armenia; Founding Member and President of Armenian Non-Governmental Organization for Preservation and Development of the Armenian Culinary Traditions; Lecturer of Armenian and world cuisine in various higher and special educational institutes, schools and training centers; Initiator and organizer of the first culinary festivals in Armenia; Presenter and Chef of one of the most popular culinary television programs on the Armenian TV channel YERKIR MEDIA.

Mr. Sedrak Mamulyan began to learn the cooking profession since 1979. He graduated the Culinary College N17 in Yerevan and Special Culinary Training Program in Kiev, Ukraine, in 1985.    

Chef Sedrak Mamulyan started his professional practice in 1983. We worked in several prestigious restaurants and other institutions, including: GEGHARD Restaurant, NAIRI Hotel, American University of Armenia (AUA), ARARAT Hall Restaurant, MEGERIAN Carpets and more.

Chef Sedrak Mamulyan is one of the most devoted culinary leaders of Armenia, who for a long time has been purposefully engaged in preserving and developing the culinary traditions of Armenia, as well as protecting national interests and rights in the sphere of culture, cooking and history.