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  • 4/5 Amiryan street
  • Central Yerevan
  • +374 (011) 263333

An entirely perfect assortment

Products of the Coffeeshop Company compose a grand assortment of juvenescent, modern and high-quality offerings.

The Coffeeshop Company presents specialties in the range of coffee, tea, hot chocolate and water. These guarantee exquisite taste, which makes them stand out from other products. Alongside, every Schärf-Coffeeshop offers cold and warm snacks, as well as sweets, for example, donuts, muffins, brownies, various tarts, bagels, panini and wraps.

The products are constantly adapted to current trends.

What's more: For everyone, who also wants to brew this unique coffee at home, we offer three kinds of our high quality Coffeeshop Company coffee.

Furthermore, the tea-line, Art for Tea, can also be acquired in the shops of the Coffeeshop Company. Thus, every tea can be brewed at home or serves as a classy present for a lovely friend.