Queen Cake

  • 31 Tumanyan Str.
  • 23 Baghramyan Str.
  • + (374 10) 53-99-29
  • + (374 10) 54-79-12

For almost 15 years, Queen Cake has been offering its customers a wide range of various cakes and other confectionery products that are distinguished by excellent taste, design and food safety -- the company emphasizes that there are no food supplements in their products.

Queen Cake has 2 stores in the center of Yerevan, and one production unit (confectionery) for making various cakes and pastries, including:

1. Wedding cakes

2. Christening cakes

3. Anniversary cakes

4. Corporate cakes

5. Thematic cakes

6. Cakes for kids

7. Other pastry and cakes

Another important argument for the quality of the cakes of this company is the fact that the owners of the company constantly eat these cakes in their family.

The stores are located in very convenient places - in the very center of Yerevan, and one of them is near the Freedom Square, one of the most favorite places of Armenians and guests of Yerevan.