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SHTIGEN is one of the leading companies in Armenia to introduce affordable solar energy solutions to Armenian households, businesses and public sector, by promoting green technologies and strengthening country’s energy self-sufficiency.

Prices for electricity and gas grow constantly, while modern technologies allow using free and safe solar energy.

SHTIGEN believes in green and renewable future of Armenia, and offers high quality products and services to insure customers’ independence from constant rises of energy prices.

SHTIGEN’s core product is solar heating solutions of various complexity, from simple non-pressure solar water heaters up to complex solar heating systems. SHTIGEN is exclusive representative of the Global solar water heater market player SunRain in Armenia and Georgia. The company provides full cycle of services: starting from project planning, sourcing, installation and after-sales service. The solar water heater equipment has 5 year quality guarantee from producer, and the company provides one year technical service for free.

Main products and services

1. Solar water heaters

  • Non pressure models are one of the simplest and affordable models, which are quite popular both among private owners and businesses.
  • Once installing this model you’ll be able to save on energy consumption up to AMD 145,000 annually.
  • This solar water heater consists of solar energy collector and insulated hot water tank and expansion tank.
  • Technical details:
  • Vacuum tubes model: QB-AL-N/AL-58-1800 (diameter 58mm, length 1800mm)
  • Collector insulation: 50mm
  • Internal tank is made of SUS304 stainless steel of 0.5mm thickness. 1,5 kWt electrical ten works as a back up
  • External tank’s thickness 0.4mm, made of enameled stainless steel
  • Tank is insulated by 50mm polyurethane layer
  • Acceptable angle of collector placement: 30/45 See more details here:

2. Solar power

This premium model of monocrystalline PV panel consists of 36 cells (156x156mm each) and is suitable for all types of systems, from small-scale private roof systems to large-scale solar power farms.


  • Stable performance under weak light conditions;
  • Wind load up to 3800Pa/Snow load up to 5400 Pa;
  • Salt mist and ammonia corrosion tests passed
  • IEC 61215 & IEC61730 standard quality;
  • 25-year power warranty/10-year product warranty.

Technical details:

  • Solar cell: 125x125mm (5inches);
  • No of cells: 36 (4×9);
  • Dimentions: 1200x540x30mm;
  • Weight: 5.5 kg;
  • Front: Glass 3.2mm, tempered glass;
  • Frame: anodized aluminium alloy;
  • Maximum power: 100W;
  • Open circuit voltage: 22.4V, short circuit current: 5.8A;
  • Voltage at maximum power: 18.V, current at maximum power: 5.45A;
  • Operating module temperature: -40C to +85C.

See more details here:

Recent installations

Tufenkian Historic Yerevan

“Tufenkian Historic Yerevan” hotel joined the hotels, using clean solar energy. Solar water heater system, consisting of 1,140 vaccum tubes, was installed and successfully put into operation in the hotel. The system is integrated with existing boiler of the hotel, so the system will automatically switch to using gas in cases, when solar energy is insufficient, for example, during high workload of the system in foggy weather. In summer the system also supplies hot water to the open air pool.

This solar water heating system will ensure about 3.5 mln annual savings for the hotel.

In 2015 Shtigen implemented a range of similar projects in different regions of Armenia, while this project is the first big solar water heating system installed in the center of Yerevan. Installation works were performed under strict requirements of preserving appearance of the “Tufenkian Historic Yerevan” hotel building, so the system is not visible from the streets.

Basen community

Starting from 2014, Stigen has installed more than 60 solar water heating systems in the Basen community.