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KANAKA is one of the best construction companies in Armenia, which for almost thirty years continues to build not only high-quality buildings, houses, and various facilities, but also its good name and reputation as a reliable partner.

The positive feature of this company is that KANAK has been performing complex construction works during many years for international, foreign and local organizations that have very strict selection procedures for their contractors. In addition, many of these organizations continued and still continue to cooperate with the construction company KANAKA, as they are very pleased with the quality and timing of the work of this company.

It should also be noted that Mr. Hayk Hovivyan - the Founder and CEO of the KANAKA construction company, made a huge contribution to the success and the formation of a good name and reputation of this company.

Many people who know Mr. Hovivyan emphasize that he is not only a good specialist, a builder and a top manager, but also a very nice and reliable person who has a good aesthetic taste, great cultural experience and a broad outlook.

Among the outstanding projects of the construction company KANAKA, only a small part are listed below, including:

  1. Smart Center in LORI region / Sponsored by COAF
  2. Tufenkian Heritage Hotels - Avan Dzoraget Hotel
  3. Tufenkian Heritage Hotels - Old Dilijan Complex
  4. Yeghisapet and Armenak Ounjian School in Gyumri / Donated by Ounjian Foundation
  5. AGHAVNI Craft Center in Gyumri / Donated by Ounjian Foundation
  6. VARDUHI Art School in Gyumri / Donated by Ounjian Foundation
  7. OCTET Music School in Gyumri / Sponsored by ROCK AID ARMENIA (Ian Gillan from Deep Purple, Tony Iommi from Black Sabbath, Geoff Downes from Yes/Asia and Jon Dee, Paul Lovell, Phil Banfield, Peter Welles-Thorpe, David Highton, Isobel Sarkissian and Sarah Kaye) and FAR.
  9. Emili Aregak Center / Sponsored by CARITAS AUSTRIA
  10. Embassy of Germany
  11. Urban construction in Vanadzor and Spitak / Sponored by American Red Cross
  12. The prelacy building of the Gougark diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Church

The major institutional clients and partners of KANAKA Construction Company are:

  • Children of Armenia Fund (COAF)
  • Tufenkian Foundation
  • CARITAS Austrian
  • CARITAS Swiss
  • Armenian CARITAS
  • Fund for Armenian relief (FAR)
  • Armenian Apostolic Church
  • German Federal Republic
  • The World Bank
  • American Red Cross
  • The Lincy Foundation
  • German Red Cross

KANAKA Construction Company was established in 1990. The initial main goal of the company was to participate in the restoration of the disaster zone of Armenia after the terrible 1988 earthquake. In those days, Armenia received a lot of technical and other assistance, but many builders did not stay with the country for a long time due to various reasons, including the collapse of the Soviet Union. Having local skilled builders was critically important for the country. And KANAKA has become one of such companies that have been performing complex responsible urban construction tasks in a disaster zone for a long time. For example, the American Red Cross sponsored the construction of many houses in the cities of Spitak and Vanadzor, and these works were entrusted to KANAKA Construction Company, which successfully completed complex tasks on time.

Currently, KANAKA has vast experience, potential and all the necessary technical and human resources for the successful implementation of various construction, reconstruction and repair works practically in any region of Armenia.